His first experience as an illustrator dates back to pre-school, when the common theme of houses, clouds, skies and meadows are suddenly replaced by drawings in which dozens of colourful balloons float above the sea floor, arousing anxiety and perplexity among teacher and parents.

Probably because of this, ten years later he enrols at the High School of Arts of Cittadella (Italy) where he studies Art and Photography, dedicating much attention to refining his illustration skills.

Starting in 1999 he has worked as a designer in various Italian agencies and design firms, developing competence in Graphics, Product Design and Illustration for clients at national and international level, until setting up his own Agency in 2009.

In 2010 he moves to London, where he currently lives, alternating design work with his passion for illustrating children’s literature.

Contemporary style, bright colours, simple themes and irony are signature elements of his illustration work: all elements he views as necessary to childhood, therefore necessary in children’s books.

Passionate about new media, he uses the Charles Perrault classic, Little Red Riding Hood as his debut self published work destined for the e-book format.

In the (little) spare time he has, he practices swimming, people watching, and loves to cook.


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